Most people think of winter as the most dangerous driving season, but with every new season comes new weather, and new driving conditions always require some adapting to in order to stay safe. Keep the following in mind as the weather begins to get warmer and wetter.

Make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance.

Spring means wet roads, and after a long winter of snow, ice, salt, and cold temperatures, that means it’s time to check on how your car has fared.

● Check on your windshield wipers. Has the ice damaged them? Are they safe for driving in wet spring weather? How is your windshield wiper fluid?
● Check your tires. Are they properly inflated? Have you rotated them in the last six months? How is the tread surviving after the winter roads? Have you changed from snow tires if you put them on?
● Check your outer lights. If they’re cracked, water is likely to seep in and destroy your bulbs. Do the bulbs need replaced?
● How are your brakes doing? Wet weather can slow brakes, especially after they’ve been worked hard through winter icy weather.

Be mindful of dangerous roads and increased traffic.

After the winter snow melts, the roads are left with changing temperatures and salt damage, which often means large cracks and potholes. But, warmer weather also brings out more traffic, including pedestrians, motorcycles, and cyclists. Be careful to watch for others on the road as you avoid bumps or hit spring ice patches during cold spells.

Consider your medications while behind the wheel.

For many of us, spring means allergy season. Unfortunately, some of the most effective medications also induce drowsiness, so be careful of side effects and interactions with other drugs while driving.

Be mindful of road work.

There is no perfect time of the year to drive – winter may bring dangerous and chilly conditions, but spring is time to start roadwork again! Keep an eye out for road work, slower traffic, and workers on the road. Make sure to increase the distance between you and other vehicles and slow down for safety.

Look out for wildlife.

It’s not only people who become more active in the spring – wildlife is more active and coming out of hibernation too! Even if you’ve spent the winter driving carefully in bad weather, remember to adjust to things you haven’t seen in awhile – like animals – and be safe!