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The Proud History Of Elm Park In Worcester Massachusetts

Worcester MA is known for its historic architecture and its interesting past. Wherever you look in Worcester you will see something that links the city with the roots of America’s foundations. The state of Massachusetts is a favorite location amongst history buffs with this city being at the top of the list.

Elm Park is one of the jewels of the city and a well loved by residents and tourists alike. Its story dates to 1854 when government officials bought the land. The purchase was specifically made so that a public park could be built for the townsfolk of Worcester MA. It is the second oldest public park in the United States, with Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut having been established earlier that same year.

In the years prior to the installation of Elm Park, Worcester MA had become a place that was buzzing with industry with the introduction of the Blackstone Canal and the Worcester and Boston Railroad twenty years earlier. The city became a popular place to live and work and attracted immigrants from many countries. With so many people working hard it seems fitting that the municipality would want to give the residents a lovely green space for relaxation and recreation.

27 acres were purchased at the onset but now spans an expansive 58 acres. The designer Fredrick Law Olmsted, who several years later went on to plan Central Park in New York City, was hired to oversee the Elm Park project. The years 1874 to 1884 saw the incorporation and construction of tree-lined walking paths, pools, and footbridges.

Upgrades and additions were in store for Elm Park; the city acquired Newton Hill in 1888 to add to the park’s acreage. The Olmsted Brothers firm, a company founded by Fredrick Law Olmsted’s two sons, were responsible for park redesigns in 1909 and again from 1939 to 1941. The park was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1970 and received a major facelift a few years later.

There is no question that Elm Park is a great place to go for a jog, a picnic with friends, or to spend time with your family. There’s lots to do in the park including a playground, basketball court, and illuminated tennis courts. In the winter there are ponds that are available for ice skating. Lincoln Pond is in the middle of the park where recreation seekers can walk across either of the two eye-catching bridges. Worcester residents are proud to call Elm Park their favorite place to go.

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