Elm Park – Worcester MA

The historical Elm Park, originally known as “New Commons” located in Worcester MA is a neighborhood favorite. The park sits on a sizable 60 acres, with plenty of picnic and recreation space for local families and residents to enjoy.

The park has quite the past, which was acknowledged when it was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Elm Park should not be confused with the oldest public park in the United States – which is located in Boston MA – but it was one of the first pieces of land in the US to be purchased through public funds solely for the purpose of becoming a public park. The original purchase of 27 acres of land was made in 1854 and some years later, in 1888, the city of Worcester bought the neighboring property. This final purchase ultimately brought the property to the size it is at now. Before the property was expanded, Elm Park was nothing more than a large, grassy park block that was seemingly uncared for. Once the city expanded the park, they put much more time and effort into reconstructing the area. The Olmstead Firm, the same one that designed Central Park, was hired in 1909 to redesign and fully landscape the park.

The park has continued to redesign and update in the last century as well. From 1939 to 1941 the same firm added more design elements to they now-popular park. The park also went through a total renovation in the mid 1970s.

The western side of the park – named Newton Hills – remains a bit more unkempt than the newer portion, but it does contain basketball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, and a local high school that is within the Worcester public school system. Many refer to this side of the park as the “rustic” side. The eastern part of the park is much more updated and contains more walking trails, a playground, and two footbridges that lead visitors over Lincoln Pond smack in the middle of the park. There are also other ponds for ice skating in the winter and picnic areas for the warmer months. Much planning went into this side of the park and the design style is coined as “Olmstedian.” In addition to these added features, the park has many historic structures nestled into it.

Worcester MA is a forward-thinking city that is committed to maintaining large, open, green spaces for it’s residents to enjoy, hence the care that has been put into Elm Park. This one is going to be around for a long time.

Courtesy Linder’s Auto Repair – https://lindersautorepair.com/